Hard hitting and heartfelt old time and early bluegrass stringband music.

With Roots in Liverpool, UK and Portland, Oregon, The Horsenecks play hard-hitting and heartfelt Old Time and classic Bluegrass music. With driving old time fiddle, three-finger banjo, vocal harmonies, and a genuine love of Old Time music they have been swiftly becoming a well-loved staple in the traditional music scenes in the US and the UK.

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"...on every track their talent is self evident...                                 

...Gabrielle’s fiddle playing has a real energy and a complexity that is stunning...                                                                                             

...Barry’s banjo style is jaw dropping whether he is playing the open back banjo and clawhammer style to produce melodic and mellow tones or the bluegrass picking style..."

-Sue Rooke, OLD TIME NEWS No. 84 Winter 2015-16